Dr Mark Granroth-Wilding
Email: researchRemoveThis@markDelete.granrothRemove-wilding.co.uk
Office: University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory,
William Gates Building,
15 JJ Thomson Avenue,
United Kingdom
Principal investigator: Stephen Clark

Current Research

My research interests lie in natural language processing (NLP), computational creativity and music processing/cognition. I am currently working on the What-If Machine (WHIM) EU FP7 project with Stephen Clark. The research concerns building a computational model of creativity. The aim is to construct a system that automatically produces ideas that may serve as the basis for cultural artefacts. More...


I completed my PhD at the University of Edinburgh with Mark Steedman. I successfully defended my thesis in March 2013. The project concerned the application of NLP techniques to music processing. I have developed a grammar to model the structure of tonal harmony and experimented with statistical parsing to perform automatic harmonic analysis.

Before the PhD, I did a masters in Informatics at Edinburgh and an undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Cambridge University.

Between the masters and PhD, I worked for Mercurytide.

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