This is Mark Granroth-Wilding's personal website. If you're looking for me in an academic context, go to my academic homepage. I post here various articles about other aspects of my life. Contact Mark.

Mark and Hanna

Before I got married to Hanna in 2010, my name was Mark Wilding.

My other sites


I was until recently a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh. I worked on the application of linguistic-style formal grammars to musical harmonic analysis. More info on my academic homepage, or detailed information about my project on the Jazz Parser site.

For a year, I worked as a developer at Mercurytide, a web-development company in Leith, Edinburgh.

Before that, I did an MSc in Informatics at the University of Edinburgh.

Before that, I did an undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Clare College, Cambridge.

Technical Articles

I've written various short technical tips technical guides pages. They include things like handy Linux admin tricks and Latex wizardry.


I compose music when I have time. Some of my compositions may be found here. I've not put a lot up here.

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