Mark Granroth-Wilding



The Pimlico Processing Toolkit (PIpelined Modular LInguistic COrpus processing) is a toolkit for building pipelines of linguistic processing (and other) tasks to run on large datasets. It provides a wrappers around many existing, widely used NLP tools.

I develop it while using it for my own work, so it is under constant active development.

Vaalibotti Valtteri

As part of the Immersive Automation project, I have contributed to Vaalibotti Valtteri (Valtteri the Election Bot), a trilingual reporter for localized results of the 2017 Finnish municipal elections. It was mostly developed by Leo Leppänen and Myriam Munezero.

At the time of writing, the latest version is available at

What Happens Next?
Event prediction neural networks

Software release to accompany our AAAI 2015 paper.

Jazz Parser

Parsing software to analyse the harmonic structure of chord sequences and MIDI files. Developed during PhD.